Power through your day

Never worry about running out of juice on the go. Give your smartphone a boost of power to keep it charged for all the important moments in your day. You can even charge two devices simultaneously.

Full power, fast speed

Carry just the power you need. With 1.5 amps of output, you can charge faster than ever. Works great on tablets too. Charge two devices at once with both a built-in micro USB cable and a USB port. Or recharge the Power Pack and your phone at the same time.

Thin without compromise.

Slip it into your pocket and take it anywhere you need a boost of power. Sleek, compact and durable, it’s built to withstand the daily grind. The natural canvas casing is built to withstand the daily grind.

Works with Android and iOS

Motorola Power Packs are compatible with Android and iOS USB-powered devices.


Power through your day

Design Materials / Colors

Dark canvas, light canvas


3 oz.


1.5 amps output

Dimensions L X W X H

110mm x 11.5mm x 57mm

Battery capacity

2400 mAh

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