The Motorola SCOUTTRAINER50 advanced remote training system offers all the tools you need to quickly have a better behaved companion at home or around town.
It features a water resistant (IP54) collar unit and an easy to use handheld remote with an LCD backlit display that can be programmed to control up to four different dogs. Three training modes – warning tone only, gentle vibration, and 15 levels of static correction – allow you to effectively reinforce commands you have already taught your dog.

The SCOUTTRAINER50 features three training modes. The warning tone only mode does not produce any static stimulation – only a beep tone. You can press this button for a second or two to give your dog an opportunity to respond to known commands prior to applying a static correction. The vibration button produces a vibration sensation from your dog’s collar, just like your cell phone. Vibration can be used as a simple attention getting device; however, it is best suited for pairing with rewards. The 15 levels of static correction assist in discouraging inappropriate behaviors. The lowest levels are a hardly perceptible tickle while the highest levels are very firm, effective with high drive, difficult dogs under the most critical of situations.
Only Motorola offers push-to-talk with your dog’s training collar. You can pass commands, praise, or verbal reprimands directly to your dog’s collar via the handheld remote for up to 460 feet. The remote also features a backlit LCD screen, which allows you to switch between pets and check each collar's level of static correction and battery level. The display also notifies you of the signal strength and battery level of the handheld unit.

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