Digital Cordless Home Phone with Answering Machine
Inspired by creative engineering, the Motorola IT 6 uses precision crafting and innovative materials making it the ultimate impossibly thin phone. Measuring less than .24 inches, the handset is made using a metal frame, ensuring its seamless striking form. The crystal base with backlit keys adds to its elegance and uniqueness from every angle. This sleek phone also offers DECT 6.0 technology, 100 name and number phonebook, caller ID with 50 last call storage, and answering machine with 30 minutes recording time. Every detail of the IT 6 was crafted to give the optimal exquisite user experience.

Measuring less than 0.24" thick at its narrowest point, the IT6's handset is made using a real metal frame. The crystal base adds to the phone's elegance from every angle. A large 2.2" LCD display, backlit keypad, and bigger buttons makes the IT6 easier than ever to see and use.
Don't miss another important message. With up to 30 minutes of recording time, you can save or receive messages without fear that your caller will be cut off. This sleek phone also offers DECT 6.0 technology, 100 name and number phonebook, and caller ID with 50 last call storage.

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