Digital Cordless Home Phone with Answering Machine and Bluetooth®
The L702BT is an interference free DECT 6.0 telephone with mobile Bluetooth® linking. The Bluetooth® connection allows you to make and receive either mobile or landline calls using your cordless handsets. The L702BT operates with or without a landline, and features a digital answering machine on the base and a 2-line backlit display. The phone has a range of 160 feet indoors and 980 feet outdoors.

The L702BT uses your phone's mobile service and a Bluetooth® connection to make and receive calls. Simply pair your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone with the base and handle calls from the cordless or corded handset. Not ready to give up your landline service just yet? The L702BT can operate using both landline and mobile service.
The built-in answering machine on the L702BT gives you up to 15 minutes of recording time and features a two-digit message counter and blinking new message indicator. You can transfer up to 200 contacts from your mobile phone and store them in the L702BT's phonebook. Make internal calls, transfer external home calls, and hold a 3-way conversation between two internal callers and an external caller. Caller ID is fully supported on both the landline and mobile phone lines.

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